Helping Britain Shop Local with Couriers Near You


Encouraging each other to shop local has always been a good thing. Buying products and services from the communities we live in benefits the people around us. And that message has never been more important that right now in 2020.

The UK economy has taken a real beating this year due to Coronavirus. Many businesses have closed and many more are suffering from a huge loss in trade compared to previous years.

So the message to shop local is now being shared even louder. If the end customers buy from shops in our high streets, and those shops buy from local suppliers etc.. our towns and cities can recover faster. Our manufacturing will grow in order to supply the shops much quicker that if we buy cheap products from abroad.

The important link in that chain that we can help with, is to source local couriers to help transport all these goods around.

Source Local Services and Reduce Overpaying

When it comes to hiring courier services, a lot of people just choose the first company they find on the internet. But that company might not even be based near them. The bigger, national delivery companies can pay more for advertising. They use this power to advertise in places where they might not even have a driver.

So what do they do when they have a customer where they don’t have a vehicle? They subcontract the work back to local courier services. All this means the end customer over-pays, hiring a middle-man just to get the local courier they could have found themselves.

We’re trying to grow ‘Couriers In UK’ to help smaller, local couriers get found more. Especially by the people in their community that need delivery services. We only allow advertisers to list their business in the town or city closest to their business address (see Couriers in Manchester as an example). That way the user knows they’re reducing the risk of paying to middle-men just after a cut of the profit.

For more information and reasons to shop local, visit the government website here